Henry Winkler Remembers Garry Marshall: "He Was Like My Surrogate Dad"

Henry Winkler has had a long and storied career, but it began with Garry Marshall calming his nerves when he auditioned against a who’s who of Hollywood names for what would become his breakout role, Fonzie on Happy Days.

To hear Winkler tell it, Marshall was more than just a prolific TV and film producer — he was a surrogate father who not only instilled in him a team player philosophy but also taught him how to play softball.

Winkler, an actor, producer and children’s book author who stars next in HBO’s Barry and NBC’s Better Late Than Never, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about how the late icon taught him how to embrace who he is, break free from the typecasting of Fonzie and yes, the real stories behind “jumping the shark” and that famous leather jacket.

What did Garry…

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