Writer Roundtable: Tom Ford, Pedro Almodovar and 4 More on a Trump Movie, Dream Projects and When to Kill a Scene

Six scribes — also including Kenneth Lonergan, Noah Oppenheim, Allison Schroeder and Taylor Sheridan — discuss the death of satire, bringing autobiography into screenplays and how they would write a film about the president-elect: “Let’s hope for all our sakes it is not the tragedy that so many people fear.”

When a very pregnant Allison Schroeder arrived at her first THR Writer Roundtable, she had a confession: Her husband (fellow writer Aaron Brownstein) once told her that their relationship never would have moved past the first date if he hadn’t liked her writing. “I had just done a web musical and it was online,” recalled Schroeder (Hidden Figures), 38. “And before the second date, he watched the whole thing to make sure I wasn’t a terrible hack…

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